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White Cake


  • How far in advance do I need to order?
    The earlier the better, I would highly advise to book with at least 1-2 months notice. This is depend on cake size and specifications. Cupcakes can be made to order in a shorter notice period subject to availability. Check availability:
  • How can I make an order?
    Please check availability first. You can place an order via my contact page on this website, through my social media platforms or via direct email
  • What size of cake do I need?
    Please see the size guide:
  • Collection and delivery
    Delivery is only available for wedding cakes in certain areas. Celebration cakes are usually available to collect on the morning of your event between 9-11 - or in a previously arranged time.
  • How to transport my cake?
    Don’t set a cake on your seats, flat boot or ground at passenger front seat are ideal.
  • How to store my cake?
    It depend on flavour, some cakes are okay to keep in their box on room temperature some needs to be kept in fridge. Please ask for storage advice if you are not sure.
  • Allergens
    Unfortunately I don’t do gluten or dairy free products. All my cakes made in a kitchen where I work with wheat, dairy products and nuts.
  • How long can I eat my cake?
    Most cakes are perfect to consume within 3-4 days. Some with fresh cream have shorter shelf life, while biscuit cakes and fruit cakes are great for weeks.
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